VIDEO PROJECTION MAPPING with Rebecca Smith from Urban Projections | Fire Station Artists' Studios | Dublin | Ireland

October 7, 2017

Participated in a video mapping workshop in preparation for the Paradise of the Heart exhibition where distorted video projection will be required for artwork titled Hidden Potential. More information about this show on the main page.

Video mapping test on angular shape with each face displaying different image. Projection video material provided by Rebecca Smith.

3d compositing | sound | electronics | paradise of the heart

November, 2017

Photography, 3D render, sound and eletronics layout tests in preparation for the Paradise of the Heart exhibition where sound, video and visuals will be required for artwork titled Zukunftsmusik, Barking Dog Seldom Bites and Hidden Potential. More information about this upcoming exhibition on the main page

Dogs on Fire, photography & 3D render composite, soundtrack, synthetic voice, 2017
Sun Worship, installation concept, bricks, electronics, sound, 2017

real-time sound visualisations | isochronal

October 7, 2017

Real-time sound visualisation software is another tool that allows to represent "transformation" in the wider sense, not just through sound into image. In this instance, the sound is triggered by impact force. There are multiple conceptual interests that can be explored, the source of the impact, visual forms, colors, frequencies of sound, as well as modes of presentation and scale.

Water impact visualisation test with 3D mesh.
Water impact test in preparation for Iscochronal project, NSF factory floor.

3D printing & prototyping

February, 2017

3D printing is a natural extension to 3D modeling in its capacity to bring abstract ideas into manifestation. This transformation process is a conceptual concern in its own right and besides serving as an invaluable tool for fabrication, it has the potential to represent human experience of technology in a true biophilic, creative way.

3D printing PLA mold for Zukunftsmusik sound sculpture concrete casting.
Finished concrete cast before PLA mold removal.

WEBgl interactive concept | zukunftsmusik

March, 2017

WebGL (Web Graphics Library) is programming interface for rendering interactive 3D and 2D graphics within a web browser. This is an addition to the 3D visualisation software which allows embed interactive 3D models to be presented as a web based interactive art. You can test an example artwork concept by clicking on the image below. There is a possibility to develop it into full fledged user experience through VR filters making it accessible and convenient for users with smartphones and VR headsets to view the artwork on web anytime.

Zukunftsmusik, sound sculpture 3D concept - concrete, mild steel, found objects, 3D prints, 2017

motion triggered movement | angular oppressors

February, 2016

Motion triggered elements (mechanical and other) allow for the viewer to be involved in the artwork directly through participation. This participation, however, is elementary and does not require any skill, performing action or learning that would pollute the artwork's concept. The viewer only needs to be present and his own body awareness becomes integral part of the sensory experience (together with eyesight, hearing etc.) making the experience personal and unique to the individual.

The first working prototype of a motion triggered violin bow arm developed for the Angular Oppressors installation.

3D modeling software and rendering

June, 2014

Since 2014, 3D modeling and animation has become an integral part of the skillset. From simple perspective visualisations for artwork concepts to finished composites of analogue photography and 3D renders, it has become the basic everyday tool for idea development on par with traditional drawing.

3D model of a steam locomotive reassembled into a mechanic bird, animation based on an actual bird flight movement, animated sequence loop, 2015.
Untitled, sound sculpture 3D concept, wood, concrete, mild steel, 3D prints, 2017
Hern at the Gate, medium analog photograph & 3D render composite, 2015

custom typeface | ThereLight

December, 2015

Custom typeface developed based on English alphabet as an experiment examining whether meaning and sentiments in written context are driven by shapes of words rather then their actual meaning. Just like advertising, the meaning of words can be fluid based on their visual depiction. Following conceptual works on art & language by Joseph Kosuth, linguistic discourse by Noam Chomsky and the so called Stroop Efffect, the ambition is to introduce color into this excersise as well as phonetic pronounciation rules in order to create a new unadulterated clean expression tool for the new age. Collaboration and collective effort is appreciated in developing this further. If interested, I will send you a working ThereLight TTF font file.

Construction of ThereLight font from drawings and vector graphics.
Installing ThereLight font file on your computer.
Use and experimentation with the ThereLight font file in art work. Labyrinth, 3D render, 2016

sequencing and visual rhythm | TV makes no face ugly - ugly face makes no TV

September, 2014

The result of visual sequencing of mathematically divided prime numbers plotted into a diagram.

As Above So Below, pattern sample for screen/digital print, 2014

Result of sequencing of sound, visual patterns and language plotted in time, following similar course as the image above, except linearly. The video is divided into the same amount of slides as there are columns in the above image. The video reaches the layout of the left most column at its very last slide.

TV makes no face ugly - ugly face makes no TV, HD video, 2014